E-mail and phone Address
07073 70730 Kammakargatan 35A
111 60 Stockholm

Adam Davies, Cognitive Behavioural Psychologist

Welcome! The following is merely a brief presentation and summary of what I can offer. But I hope it gives you a reasonable impression of what I do.

I am a fully qualified psychologist and offer cognitive behavioural therapeutic (CBT) treatment for the commonest psychological problems. I welcome individuals from all over Sweden, whether private or through their employers or insurance companies.

Educated at the universities of Stockholm, Umeå and Uppsala I have over 18 years' clinical experience. Having grown up in the UK where I studied linguistics at the University of East Anglia (BA Honours), I am also a native English speaker and am used to working with people from all over the world, including refugees and victims of trauma.

I am particularly experienced at helping individuals with Panic attacks, Obsessive and compulsive behaviour, Perfectionism and exhaustion, Post traumatic stress syndrome, Low self-esteem, Social phobia and helping people cope with Chronic pain.

Since 2004 I have also done ground-breaking work with group and individual CBT treatment of patients with chronic back pain. I have contributed to a book on this subject (Ryggen) which was published by Liber, Stockholm in spring 2010.


I know very well how uncertain it feels when you want psychological help and need to choose a therapist. I would like you to feel welcome to book a first appointment to see how it feels, without any obligation to continue. Warmth and respect are particularly important to me so that you feel safe to work with me towards achieving your goals.

Intercultural competence

Unlike many psychologists in my age-group in Sweden, I grew up in a multicultural environment before I came to Sweden. That is one reason why I have always been interested in identity and migration issues such as outsidership and discrimination. I have previously worked with refugees from the Balkan and have extensive experience of working with immigrants and refugees, including people who have been imprisoned and tortured.

LGBTQ competence

When I studied psychology in the 1990s, LGBTQ issues were barely mentioned at all. Our teachers had learnt to see non-heterosexual identities as a psychiatric disorder. A few of us asked for more, our teachers refused and some of us chose to inform ourselves better. My thesis was related to HIV prevention and my examining professor shamelessly told me he was not interested in the subject. Even in Sweden today, there is still a lack of knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ issues like coming out or being an LGBTQ refugee. I am currently a volunteer in Newcomers, a refugee support group.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think I may be able to help you!